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Marwan Douleh


Status: Graphic Designer
Location: Canada, Ottawa, ON
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Drawing was really what got me into graphic designing and photoshop before anything, drawing since the age of 3 under helping hands from my family to help me grow in the art itself, I took up Graphic Designing around the age of 12, I started fiddling with it for desires to put what was in my head onto a page with all the possibilities that I could muster myself. It started on from then, and that's when I tried to see how I can help other people with it. I started making a minor free-lancing business out of it by going under the name "iFlare" bymyself for a year, and after that was when I was introduced into Empty Planet Productions by Owen J. and Alex P., two great visionary's of our own.

Making graphic designs exclusively on Photoshop CS4 for over 5 years now in both Jordan and Canada, I am a proud owner of EP's current logo, and even a prouder art enthusiast because im still here giving out the positive vibes among amazing people that I'd like to see usher our world through the creative lens and vision that they indulge in and prosper.



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